A Maze in Tchaiovna

Menu_AMazeInTchaiovnaIf you would like to discover one new place in Prague then I recommend visiting A Maze in Tchaiovna, a Tea house in Muchova street near Hradčanská.
When talking to the proprietor Andy Fell I learned that lots of things in there are hand made and also that he is planning to build Doctor Who’s TARDIS inside. For those who are not Doctor Who fans the TARDIS is an old style blue police box that is used by a Time Lord named Doctor Who for traveling in time and space. Being just an old police box on the outside allows it to blend with the outside world while on the inside it is much bigger and allows to travel to many different worlds and dimensions out there. The Thaiovna is a bit like that, on the outside a Tea house but when you step in the noise shuts down and all happening on the street is gone, you are in a peaceful oases immersing yourself in rich tasting tea, books and surrounding music. Through the working days it is quiet that you can take your work there or study. In the evenings and at the weekends the space becomes busy with live music, theater, poetry readings and art exhibition openings.
The interior consists of the front ‘colorful’ room, the large back ‘music’ room with a stage and piano, and of the game room and smoking room at the very back. Each room is very different so you can pick one that is most to your preference.
My favorite is the red-orange front room with originally designed hand made wooden bookshelves and quotes on wooden boards. You can reach out and browse through any book of your liking. Through the tea house each seating area is made of a different set of chairs, armchairs and tables.
The space and atmosphere of A Maze in Tchaiovna is original and you can tell that each piece of furniture, equipment, and decoration was carefully picked. It made me feel that the owners really care about how the people who come in feel. They are creating something – a beautiful and unique place for meeting people and art.
AMazeInTchaiovna_Interier_byRadkaZKing AMazeInTchaiovna_Interier_RadkaZKingDoor_to_the_BoxRoom_byRadkaZKingTheTeaBoxesChandelier_detail_AMazeInTchaiovnaEntrance_to_AMazeInTchaiovna_by_RadkaZKingLamp_detail_RadkaZKingAMazeInTchaiovna_Menu Red_armchari_with_anOld_radio_by_RadkaZKingQuote_LaughDanceDreamLoveFacebook page of A Maze in Tchaiovna

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