Botanic garden at Karlov in Spring

Small botanic gardens in Karlov are my favorite place for Sunday walks. In spring and autumn they are the most magical because nature goes through amazing transformations. The light is also more gentle in these seasons than in summer when the sun can be too sharp and blinding not offering the best light conditions for photography.

Although the gardens are small you can find on every step different plant, flower, or tree. Many of those come from various and very distant countries and continents. You can also come upon one path that offers a geological exhibition. There are ponds where water flowers such as water lilies are grown. A small garden is inside the gardens themselves which offers the most restful area. The whole place is in the old part of town and quite close to the center and busy streets. But despite that within the walls of these small botanical gardens you can find yourself in very peaceful and almost meditative place surrounded by beautiful nature.

White_blossoms White_rhododendrons_in_bloom Gentle_young_grass_and_flowers Willow_tree_young_leaves Stairs_and_willow_tree Tree_in_bloom_Karlov_BotanicGarden Botanic_garden_wall_with_purple_flowers BotanicGarden_Karlov_inSpring BotanicGarden_Karlove_Spring_in_bloom BotanicGarden_at_Karlov_viewOfRoofsTree with white blossoms at Botanic gardens Karlov Prague

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