Craving nature

An essential part of Sneakers_in_the_gardenmy blog about the city of Prague are the escapes from the city. The city can be quite tiring sometimes, dry, dusty and noisy, especially in summer hot days. On such days my craving for nature, for fresh greens of hills and meadows, for blossoming trees and colorful flower beds, gets really strong. As a true Czech my heritage is a cottage in the countryside. So I take my little boy and my husband writer and here we go!

This weekend was full of sun, playing in the garden, splashing in the pool, and walking in the forest fighting monsters. πŸ™‚ It was hard to leave in the evening. Our little boy definitely did not want to go back. But we had to pack, lock the door and later join the queue of the cars heading back to Prague, watching the lovely purple and light blue evening sky.

AmazingGentleBlueFlowers Tulip_and_Watering_Can Yellow_orange_tulip2 Cornflower YellowTulips Summer hat in the grassColorful_ball_in_the_Garden Cornflowers Beautifully_fading_apple_blossoms Beautiful_Embroidery_curtains AmazingGentleBlueFlowers2 Wallnut_Tree_Leaves Daisies in the grass

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