Divci hrady – walk above the city

Pictures in this photo post are from September when me and my two boys went up the hill called Divci hrady. It is the hill above Smichov and there are multiple ways how you can get there. We took the metro yellow B line to Radlicka stop. From there we walked up and within 15 minutes it felt like we are entering a place that is not part of this city anymore. Nature surrounded us with fields on the right and small houses on the left. The path leads to Divci hrady if you keep more to the left or it can take you to Prokopske udoli, which is another perfect nature escape from this city. Straight ahead there are few amazing viewing spots. Unfortunately as we were getting nearer to those a storm was approaching fast so there was no time and conditions to take any good pictures of Prague. We had to run across the fields and meadows and take a steep path to the left that lead us down to a bus stop. As we hurried it started to rain so heavily that we were completely soaked before we got on the bus. It was fun because we are crazy and love rain! Although there was not much time on the hill to enjoy the views, there are few pictures that I have as a fond memory of this lovely afternoon.


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