This Easter the weather is so cold and strange that even though we did some nice walk around Mala Strana and dropped in a bar & restaurant U Maleho Glena for brunch I did not feel like taking any pictures. Especially when it started to snow on our out from the restaurant!
So for a little memory of this year’s Easter I am making a small post of our home pictures. I decorated some Easter eggs – that we call ‘Kraslice’ in Czech and gave then away on Monday morning to two kids who came to our door to sing Czech ‘koledas’ – traditional Czech Easter songs or rhymes that kids sings in return of sweets or Easter eggs. I got lovely red tulips from my mum that I took some pictures of and there are tiny daffodils on our kitchen windowsill on another picture. So all that I took pictures of this Easter is indoors. I am so much looking forward to sunny and warm weather though!
RadkaZimova_Easter_Red_Tulips Hand made doll and daffodils on my windowsill Decorated Easter Eggs Kraslice RadkaZimova_MyWindow

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