Floods in Prague – Day 3

Today was Day 3 of our 2013 floods in the Czech Republic. Vltava river flowing through Prague culminated in the afternoon and finally later the rain stopped as well. Manny people still would go out to take pictures along the wild muddy river. It seems that things will go slowly back to normal although the metro stations might be closed for few more days as well as some schools. Trams that are normally quite pleasant way how to transport yourself through this lovely city have become overcrowded the whole day through due to the closed metro stations and they reminded me of some pictures of packed Japanese subway trains.

My pictures are from our walk along Janackovo nabrezi riverbank from where we could see the river and Jiraskuv Bridge with the Dancing House in the background. Then we went past Jazzdock – one of very nice Prague’s jazz clubs. It was unfortunately flooded since it is built sitting on water. As we went on we came to Legii Bridge and Slovansky Island which was completely flooded – only trees were sticking out as if growing out of the water.

RadkaZimovaK_SlovanksyOstrov_Flooded RadkaZimovaK_SlovanskyOstrov_Flooded_Island RadkaZimovaK_SlovanskyOstrov_Island_flooded RadkaZKing_Floods_in_Prague2013 RadkaZKing_Jazzdock_flooded_2013 RadkaZKing_Slovansky_Island_under_water RadkaZKing_Vltava_flooding_DancingHouse_2013 RZKing_Bridge_at_Night_Prague RZKing_night_flooded_Vltava_SmetanovoNabrezi RZKing_Trams_On_PalackehoBridge_at_night_Prague

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