Hide and seek in the Botanic Garden

I have not been posting much for a while. It does not mean though that nothing has been happening. In fact a lot has been happening and I have this feeling that a lot will be happening in the near future. 🙂

We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny afternoon here in Prague few days back. I was in town with our younger boy and we met with his kindergarden friend and his mom for a playtime in the playground. 

After a while the boys came with an idea to go to the nearby Botanic Garden. This Botanic Garden is small and it is located in the city centre near Karlovo namesti. But it is wonderful for a walk with small kids since it has many small and hidden places, corners and paths where they can run, hide and play. You can imagine how such a ‘secret garden’ style place speaks to small boys and girls. Our boys absolutely loved it. And of course at this time of year the blooms and blossoms make it a paradise, especially on a sunny day. So I had to keep taking pictures with my phone through the afternoon.

If you are ever visiting Prague and you are somewhere near Karlovo square or the metro stop Palackeho square, and you feel you would like a break from the busy turisty places, you can easily walk there in not more than 10 minutes. In spring and autumn it is the most beautiful so get your camera ready! 

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