Karlovo Square in snow

Tram at Karlovo square with snow in Prague

Top sidewalk along Karlovo square in snow

Snow walk on Karlovo square in Prague

We experienced some heavy snowfall during today afternoon in Prague. It actually snowed a lot over the whole of Czech Republic but it was kind of a surprise that it snowed like that in the city center. The temperature was just below zero or even around zero so the snow will start to melt very soon. That is almost always the case in the center of Prague so you have to rush out if you want to see the city in white.

I managed to get out of the house later and it was already getting dark, the lampposts were lit, the new white snow made the streets, pavements and parks look clean and fresh. I had only little chance to take few quick pictures on our walk through Karlovo square and here they are. I ran them through some filters as well to create the feel and atmosphere as I experienced it there today.

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