Leica – gallery for photography lovers

Leica is a beautiful cafe and gallery in Skolska street not far from Wenceslas square . If you love photography this is the place for you as the gallery focuses on photography. If you come in the morning the cafe can be very quiet or completely empty. The service is really pleasant and their fresh mint tea with honey and lemon that I had was very refreshing. Apart from good coffee and tea there is also food on the menu that can serve as light lunch or a snack. It also has free wifi.


The front room is a cafe. As you enter the wall on your left would be usually covered by art while at the opposite wall there is a huge book-case filled with art books mostly about photography. Gallery is in the back rooms which are very spacy. Overall Leica made a great impression on me feeling very professional. On their website you would learn that a special edition of Blouin Modern Painters magazine put Leica gallery among 500 best galleries in the world in 2015. I am not sure how it compares to the rest of galleries worldwide but my personal ranking would be the highest in Prague.

CafeLeica_Prague_RadkaZKing2015 CafeLeica_LemonadesBottles_Prague_RadkaZKing2015 CafeLeica_bw_Bar_Prague_RadkaZKing2015

Leica Gallery website

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