Masarykovo and Smetanovo riverbank

Having woken up into a gorgeous winter Sunday with fresh snow on the streets and rooftops, and with blue sky and shining sun I knew this was a perfect morning for a picture hunt. The light outside was great and so I managed to leave the house and have few hours just to myself, my camera and this beautiful city.

At the start of my walk I came across a little snowman that somebody built on a wall of Jiraskuv Bridge who was offering his icy hug to all passersby.

Naplavka riverbank near Manes - boats with snow

The Zofin Island looked particularly beautiful…

Zofin IslandBridge to Zofin Island from Masarykovo riverbankWinter VIew of National Theatre from Smetanovo riverbank

Bridge Legii from the National Theatre  Smetanovo riverbank and Bridge Legii Bridge Legii with a view over Petrin Hill Tram going along Narodni Trida near the National Theatre

A couple walking along Smetanovo riverbank near Cafe Slavia

From Palachovo square I crossed the Manesuv Bridge and turned into Valdstejnska street walking to Valdstejnske square, Snemovni street and Small Town square.

Manesuv Bridge

Valdstejnska street The Prague Castle from Valdstejnska street Snemovni street

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