MOMO – the best Arts and Crafts shop in Prague

MOMO handcraft shop at Plavecka Prague

MOMO is a little arts and crafts shop that you would find in Plavecka street Nr10 roughly half way between Palackeho square and Vyton although bit closer to Vyton. When I walked passed this shop first time I did not think much of it and did not expect to find anything special just perhaps some old style postcards and toys. But a closer look into their windows told me that there is much more to this place than meets the eye from across the street.

It took me longer than I thought to actually enter the shop and find out what they offer. After months of having walked with the push chair up and down this street on a specially cold and windy day I went in. I must admit it was an amazing experience. Every item there is an original piece. Group of items are made by different artists or craftsmen. Some artists never make the same item twice. You can find there toys – from fabric or crocheted, beautifully designed cups, hand-made books, prints, toy boxes and different toys, hand-made jewellery, make-up bags, hats and scarfs and much more.

The only down side of this shop are their opening hours – from Monday to Friday only from 12 to 5pm. But I think it will be worth it to find time and your way there if you are looking for some original presents handmade by Czechs and in the Czech Republic. I am sure a tourist would appreciate this shop as well as a local. And if you are wondering how to connect trip to this shop with some other activity I recommend to stop here on your way up to Vysehrad. Who knows perhaps in the future we will find this lovely place open on Saturday mornings when the farmers markets are on the nearby Vltava riverbank. 🙂

MOMO handcraft shop at Plavecka Prague RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_jewellery RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_cups RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_cup RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_Pics RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_teddy RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_sun RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_shop RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_shop_entrance RadkaZimovaKing_MOMO_entrance




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