Namesti Miru and Church of St. Ludmila

Being the weather so beautiful yesterday I took a walk towards Vinohrady. In the bottom corner of Namesti Miru I got a nice cup of Costa coffee and since the cafe was very crowded I strolled towards the big church that was so majestically towering in the sun. The pictures in this post are mostly of the brick neo-Gothic St. Ludmila Church at Namesti Miru.

Namesti Miru

Church of St. Ludmila Namesti Miru

Church of St. Ludmila on Namesti Miru towards the skyChurch of St. Ludmila Namesti Miru
Church of St. Ludmila - detail



Namesti_Miru_kostelNamesti_Miru_Schody_barvaNamesti_Miru_pohled Namesti_Miru_schody_red_3Statue on the Vinohradske Theatre at Namesti MiruChurch_detail

A musician played some songs by a Czech bank Zluty pes for us. The first song ‘Modra je dobra‘ meaing Blue is good fitted the amazing blue sky perfectly. 🙂

A musician with a quitar playing Zluty pes on the Namesti Miru square

Leaving Namesti Miru on a tram… These tram pictures are one of my favorites!


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