Old Town

After having a lovely brunch at Bohemia Bagel restaurant with family and friends in Holesovice on Saturday we took a walk back home across the Oldtown square. It was a very cold but amazingly sunny afternoon. The square was full of Easter markets stalls with nice food, selection of drinks such as different Medovinas and melt wines, beautifully decorated Easter eggs and of course countless number of souvenirs.

RadkaZimova_Oldtownsquare_EasterEgg RadkaZimova_Oldtownsquare_TynskyChram RadkaZimova_Oldtownsquare_Eastermarkets RadkaZimova_Dum_u_Zvonu_Oldtownsquare RadkaZimova_EasterMarkets RadkaZimova_Eastermarkets_Oldtown

This is one of my favorite churches in Prague – Kostel svateho Mikulase – Church of St. Nicholas on Oldtown square. RadkaZimova_KostelSvMikulase_Church RadkaZimova_Kostel_Sv._Mikulase_Church

The traditional Czech pastry Trdlo or Trdelnik for cinamon and sugar lovers 🙂 Best it is hot!RadkaZimova_Trdlo_Cinamonroll_Czechfood

On the way out of the Oldtown square passing the Kafka museum and some spring flowers 🙂RadkaZimova_Spring

On the corner of Kaprova street you will find Fiser bookshop.  It is one of a few small bookshops in Prague these days which is not part of any big bookshop chains. I love this bookshop window with the reflection of the Old town buildings in the sun. RadkaZimova_FiserBookshop_Kaprova_ulice

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