One day and 59 images


Collection of 59 photos below from last Saturday. The city was lazily offering itself to easy strolling along its streets and corners. Morning was still busy with shoppers going to farmers markets. Afternoon slowed down, the air got warmer and sunlight softer. Towards the evening many hurried towards the riverbank to relax and have fun with friends and family with some good food and cool drink.

Colorful toothbrushes in the mirror, wonderfully scented red and yellow freesias on the kitchen table, Gorazdova yard in afternoon sun, dark staircase with an open window, people and kids waiting for a tram, stalls of farmers markets on the riverbank, a female spectator overlooking the farmer’s markets, shoppers on a boat flee market, flag of Galetka crepes, Saturday stroll, a street accordionist, a railway bridge, brothers Formans’ boat, a bookshop window, a bookshop and an orange mailbox, a Czech flag against a blue sky, Vaclavska passage, Labrador Tetriver in a cafe, a red tram, former toilette turned into a bar, mint tea, Frantiskanska garden, Mustek metro station, an area about National Theater, corners and church of St.Vojtech in Pstrosova street, the Naplavka riverbank with its evening visitors, Vyton in the evening sun, streets of Podskali, a national monument, Cafe Bar Local, a lamp in the bar, Gorazdova at night, night staircase.

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