Prague autumn photography

Prague photography riverbank with a bridge in the distance

Prague autumn

Autumn can be beautiful with colorful trees and amazing leaves falling down on the streets, squares, and parks decorating the city. Taking a camera with you when you walk around Prague at this time of year can be very rewarding. Especially if you are lucky and get a sunny day out.

But many days are grey and without sun. I was walking through the streets of Prague one afternoon a few days back. It was a dark day, the city felt melancholic. Everything around me looked colorless with only a glimpse of color. The red color of Prague trams was like a red thread weaving along the riverbank. There was one short moment of a beautiful sunshine coming in through a large shopping window just as I was buying coffee in “I need coffee” cafe near Palackeho. I wished it could stay that way for a bit longer but it was gone by the time I walked out of the door.

Is there anything more beautiful about this season apart from the colorful leaves and despite its deep autumn melancholy? I feel there is something more to it but I am not sure. So as I walk around the neighborhood I keep looking at the streets and corners through my camera lens hoping to find an answer, to uncover the perhaps deeper secret of the beauty of darker, colorless days.
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