Roses After Rain

Few days ago I walked past beautiful roses at Palackeho namesti just after rain. Though the sky was quite grey the reds, pinks, and whites of the blossoms and the colors of the petals on the ground were luminous and still covered with rain drops. Here are some pictures of the lovely flowers and the square.

RadkaZKing_Pink_Roses_Palackeho_PragueRadkaZKing_RosePetals_Prague_After_rain RadkaZKing_Pink_Rose_Prague_AfterRain RadkaZKing_RedRoses RadkaZKing_RedRoses_PalackehoNamesti_Prague RadkaZKIng_PinkRoses_AfterRain RadkaZKing_White_Rose_AfterRain RadkaZKing_RedRoses_AfterRain RadkaZKing_Waterfountain_PalackehoNamesti_PragueRZK_Lipa_Srdcita_Tilia_Cordata_Prague RadkaZKing_Roses_Petals_Prague

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