Rudolfinum and Alsovo nabrezi

When I woke up yesterday morning it was snowing again. By the time we managed with my baby boy to get out for our walk there was a nice layer of fresh snow on the ground and the snowflakes were still dancing in the air. My thought was to walk to Alsovo nabrezi – a river side with Palachovo square because I always wanted to see this part of town in snow. I thought it must look rather beautiful and romantic and it did. The square is surrounded on three sides by three big buildings – the Art Academy, the Philosophical Faculty, and Rudolfinum. On the last side it is open to the river and across the river with a view over the Prague Castle and Small Town.

Rudolfinum is a multicultural space hosting a wonderful gallery space and probably the best music hall in Prague. It is also a base of Czech Philharmonic. If you come to see an art show you can also enjoy a hot cup of tea in an impressively spacy cafe. My photos though are only from exterior this time since my aim was to take pictures with wonderful graphic black and white winter.

Alsovo nabrezi - Alsovo RiverbankAlsovo nabrezi - Alsovo Riverbank Alsovo nabrezi - Alsovo Riverbank Alsovo nabrezi - Alsovo Riverbank Rudolfinum on Alsovo riverbank and Palachovo square Palachovo square Alsovo nabrezi - Alsovo Riverbank2View of Prague Castle and Small Town from Alsovo riverbankRudolfinum Music Hall Prague1-IMG_5976 Dvorak lavicka_detail manes-josef

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