Sacre Coeur Park and Playground in Spring

If you are planning a visit to Prague or if you are thinking of moving to Prague and you have small kids then I have a new series of posts for you. Being a mom of a three year old who is very active we look for outdoor activities for him all the time. When we moved to the center of the city I was worried that it would be difficult to find green areas for kids to play at. Fortunately I was wrong! Prague offers many beautiful parks and almost all of them have lovely playgrounds and most of them are easily accessible by public transport.

My first photo blog post is from Sacre Coeur Park. It is a hill above Andel, Novy Smichov shopping center. If you go into the shopping mall you would take a lift to the second floor and then take an exit on the left towards a small bridge. The bridge goes over a busy road and leads to the lovely hill of Sacre Coeur Park. The view from the hill is really nice. There is a playground for young kids and a big slide for slightly older children. When the weather is good and warm having a pick-nick on the lovely greens can be very enjoyable while you do not have to go far to escape the city buzz.

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