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Spring on Petřín Hill

AppleTreeBlossoms_By_RadkaZimovaKing2016 GentleWhiteBlossoms_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016WhiteBlossoms_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016 SpringPinkBuds_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016 Oases in botanic garden

One of the most beautiful places for city escape for nature lover is by my opinion Botanic garden at Karlov. Wide variety of trees, plants, flowers and herbs is spreading across not too large but lovely garden situated on a slope in the New Town area of Prague. For a retreat or escape from city busy life is an ideal place. Its many benches are welcoming especially in spring and summer.

Dandelions_in_Botanics_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016PinkBlossoms_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016 PingMagnoliaTree_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016PurpleBlossoms_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016Dandelions_with_aBee_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016 GentleYellowFlowers_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016WhiteMagnolia_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016BotanicsAtKarlov_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016Tulips

My favorite flower in spring is tulip. Having many colors ranging from warm yellows, reds, pinks, to calmer purples it feels like a perfection of beauty.

RedPinkTulips_by_RadkaZimovaKing2016RadkaZKing_YellowTulips_inthegarden RedTulip_by_RadkaZimovaKing

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