Spring in Stromovka park

This year spring arrived in Prague after a long winter and again the temperature jumped from around zero to more than twenty degrees. It was suddenly hot and restaurant owners hurried to put out chairs and tables and beer gardens got flooded with people thirsty for sunshine and warmth.

Nature suddenly sprang out its beautiful colors of all kinds of blooms and blossoms. It was a perfect time to take a walk around Prague’s parks and take shots of all the amazing trees and flowers as they were coming almost back to life. Stromovka is a large forest-park not too far from the city center. In fact you could get there in about 15 minutes by tram 17 from Charles bridge. Since it is a forest style park it is very large and you can find there not only a real escape from city into nature but also a amazing trees, water lakes, and refreshment areas. Best it is to go there for a picnic. If you have kids there is a great playground Vozovna with a restaurant offering indoor and outdoor seating. Staff is friendly and food is very good. I think kids will especially love a big play train in which they can play happily for hours. But be aware that if you come by around lunch time it can be very busy and it is hard to find a table outside.

Overall the park is lovely piece of nature where you can spend all day and not feel at all that you are in fact in a big city.

RadkaZimova_Blue_Pansies RadkaZimova_Cherry_trees_inblossom_Stromovka

Cherry trees, Apple trees, Magnolias, Wild Rose all in bloom makes beautiful surroundings. Daises, Coltsfoots, Daffodils, and Tulips are all around with white and pink petals on the ground as they keep ‘raining’ from the trees.

RadkaZimova_Daisy_meadow RadkaZimova_Cherry_tree_inbloom RadkaZimova_Coltsfoot_in_Stromovka RadkaZimova_Coltsfoot_in_Stromovka RadkaZimova_Detail_of_Magnolia_Blossom Magnolia in Stromovka_Park Magnolia_tree in Stromovka RadkaZimova_Slechtovka_beergarden_StromovkaDaffodils and Cherry trees in StromovkaPark_Prague RadkaZimova_trees_inbloom_StromovkaWhite_Blossoms_StromovkaPark Coltsfoot in Stromovka park Prague MagnoliaTree in bloom RadkaZimova_pink_blossoms RadkaZimova_White_Blossoms

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