The Anarchist Cookie Shop

MAREK SCHOVÁNEK is a Czech-Canadian artist who was described as “the best unknown artist in the world” by Prague DOX Gallery when they were introducing his 2015 Retrospective exhibition named Propaganda this Autumn. Marek was born in then The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the 70’s. His parents emigrated to Canada which became Marek’s new home. That’s where he studied art at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Later he moved to Berlin and in the 90’s he started visiting Prague and exhibiting his art here. In 1999 Marek initiated and co-organized two major cultural events in Prague – The Last Underground, the inaugural multimedia exhibition in the Linharts Foundation’s NoD space above Roxy, and Beyond Art, a multimedia event taking place in Mánes Gallery.

Marek’s artwork is diverse, including oil paining, mixed media, text and installations. THE ANARCHIST COOKIE SHOP is a new show running from December 4th to January 10th 2015 in Gallery Art Salon S on the ground floor of Dancing House.

“The inspiration was to reanimate an internet outlawed book, the anarchist cook book, designed to bring down the state, and redefine the content with a parallel universe of concepts and recipes. The Anarchist Cookie Book contains quotes and references to each presented topic and stays true to the original manuscript in tone and topic, but has a much farther reaching political mandate and content using humor as an antidote to embrace some of societies and history’s rawer issues.”  Marek Shovánek

Apart from Marek’s art you will find in the gallery space a freshly built cookie & coffee shop where Marek will be making new cookies for the visitors. For now the entrance is free so best time to drop by and taste some of his creations! The space is open daily from 10am to 8pm.

Marek Shovanek Anarchist Cookie Shop Opening Prague 2015MarekShovanek_AnarchistCookieShop_Prague 2015 MarekShovanek AnarchistCookieShop Prague 2015 EntranceToShow MarekShovanek_AnarchistCookieShop_Prague 2015 EverybodyLovesBruegelMarek Shovanek Anarchist Cookie Shop Tourists Are Terorists Prague2015 Marek Shovanek Anarchist Cookie Shop Prauge 2015 Marek Shovanek Anarchist Cookie Shop Prauge2015 Marek Shovanek Anarchist Cookie Shop Prauge2015 cookies Marek Shovanek Anarchist Cookie Shop Prauge2015 DJMarek Shovanek Anarchist Cookie Shop Dancing House Prague 2015


Gallery Art Salon S, Dancing House, Prague

Think Magazine, About Prague Last Underground 1999


All photos were taken by Nokia Lumia 930

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