Vltava river rising

Heavy rain fall over the past week caused that our main river Vltava began to rise yesterday. The farmers’ markets were canceled and this morning the water rose to flood all the riverbank sidewalk. The area is closed and the police started closing metro stations nearby the river including our metro at Palackeho.

Later today the water got wilder and more rain fell on the city. Many people went out and walked around the river and over the bridges to look at the muddy waters. The river looked really dangerous. I must admit I don’t remember seeing so many people on the bridges and along Vltava ever before – expect the fireworks. On the news they told us that compared to the floods in 2002 it has apparently reached only about half of the water flow now. It is hard to predict though how the situation will develop since the rivers and streams started to rise very quickly and unexpectedly anyway. Let’s hope the year 2002 will not be repeated this June.

My son just found out that their school is closed and now most the metro stations are closing. So let’s hope it will stop raining and the water starts dropping soon. Apparently the situation on much smaller streams such as Botic is much worse – the park Folimanka already flooded and many people living in basement flats are flooded too in that area. Schools will be closed tomorrow, the parks are closed as well due to falling trees’ danger, Hospital Na Frantisku that is close to Vltava has been evacuated as well as part of Prague ZOO.

Pictures from today afternoon around 5 pm – Jiraskuv most


RadkaZimovaK_Umbrella_on_JiraskuvMost RadkaZimovaK_wild_Vltava_river_Prague RadkaZimovaK_muddy_Vltava_water RadkaZimovaK_Man_taking_picture_of_Flooding_Vltava RadkaZimovaK_Prague_pedestrians_watching_flooding_Vltava RadkaZimovaK_People_at_JiraskuvMost_FloodingVltava_Prague RadkaZimovaK_PragueCastle_over_Flooding_Vltava


Pictures from today morning around 10am – Naplavka

RadkaZimovaK_StairsTo_Vltava_riverbank_flooding RadkaZimovaK_Swans_on_rising_RiverVltava RadkaZimovaK_ViewOfSmichov_over_flooding_Vltavariver RadkaZimovaK_Vltava_swans RadkaZimovaK_VltavaRiverBank_no_entrance_sign RadkaZimovaK_VltavaWalk_pavement Swan_through_railing

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