Vrtbovska zahrada – Hidden Baroque gem

A beautiful Baroque garden Vrtbovska zahrada located on a Petrin hillside of Prague Lesser Town is truly a hidden gem. The entrance is on Karmelitska street on the right side if you walk in the direction of Ujezd coming from Lesser Town square. You would miss the entry quite easily which explains why not many local people know about this lovely place. You will find a gate just past the legendary jazz and blues bar U Maleho Glena. The gate leads to a passage through the buildings leading to a small set of stairs. Up the stairs there is a door to the Baroque Hall and Sala Terrena of Vrtbovsky Palace. These days a small fee is charged for entering the gardens but it is worth it.

ViewOfPragueCastle_from_VrtbovskaGarden_RadkaZKing2015The gardens are built on a slope and as you keep walking up an amazing view of Prague Lesser Town is being revealed in front of you. The original gardens were built in 18th century based on architectural plan of František Maxmilián Kaňka. The Baroque gardens are surrounded by a building complex of Vrtbovsky Palace which was rebuilt several times through the history since then, but the gardens remained very much as they were originally designed. What would also catch your attention are captivating expressive Baroque statues of renowned sculptors Matyáš Bernard Braun and Václav Vavřinec Reiner.

This place provides a perfect city escape. High above the buildings, churches, palaces, rooftops and busy streets it is letting you admire the old city landscape and perhaps meditate about the history and time.

ViewOfPragueLesserTown_from_VrtbovskaGarden_RadkaZKing2015 ViewOfRedRoofs_from_VrtbovskaGarden_RadkaZKing2015 ViewOfStNicholasChurch_from_VrtbovskaGarden_RadkaZKing2015 Vrtbovska_zahrada_HiddenGarden_canOnStairs_RadkaZKing VrtbovskaGarden_ArtistsHouse_RadkaZKing2015 WhiteRoses_at_VrtbovskaGarden_RadkaZKing2015BaroqueFountain_VrtbovskaGarden_RadkaZKing2015


Vrtbovska Garden: http://www.vrtbovska.cz/en/

Jazz Bar & Restaurant U Maleho Glena: http://malyglen.cz/cz

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