Your Spanish Village in Prague where you can show your art

Just visited with my husband an opening to an art exhibition of Katerina Fantikova in La Casa Blu, a lovely Spanish bar/hospoda in the center of Prague. The restaurant La Casa Blu was founded 17 years ago and has been since a great meeting point for many expats living in Prague. Warm orange walls, great food and lovely wines all contribute to lively atmosphere of this special place.

If you are a visual artist looking for an interesting place to show your art then La Casa Blue with its very friendly staff might be a fantastic choice. You can open your exhibition with live music if you can bring some musicians along. The place will surely be a cool spot for a nice evening out for all your guests – they can see your art while having sizzling hot Fajitas and a glass of Chilean wine. On top of that the staff are super kids friendly and all place is non-smoking which is a rarity in Prague these days.

If you would like to see lovely paintings by Katerina Fantikova in La Casa Blu you will find them there on display until January 5th or you can check out artist’s website at

LaCasaBlu_SpanelskaHospodaBar_v_Praze LaCasaBlu_K-Fantikova_RZimovaKing KaterinaFantikova_LaCasaBluLaCasaBlu_RadkaZimovaKing FridaKahlo_at_LaCasaBlu PainingOnWall_LaCasaBlue_Prague_RZKskull

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